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Lake Achensee & its villages

Lake Achensee, with a surface area of 6.8 square kilometres Tirol’s largest lake, is known for its intense shades of blue and excellent water quality. Its five villages are nestled in the magnificent natural landscape of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains. The region surrounding the mountain lake attracts visitors with plenty of active recreation, leisure and cultural pursuits.

Since tourism began in the Achensee region, it has been one of the most popular holiday and excursion destinations in Tirol. In 1887, the first steamship “St. Josef” was launched, which marked the beginning of the Achenseeschifffahrt. To this day, the boat cruises are one of the region’s major attractions for visitors to the region. The same applies to the historical Achenseebahn, a steam-powered cog railway that travels from Jenbach up to Lake Achensee in the summer months, covering 400 metres of elevation over a distance of 6.7 kilometres. The region is famous for the Tiroler Steinöl®. The fossil oil has been mined locally for over a century and has a very positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, skin and hair.

Lake Achensee - Heart of the region

Formed after the last ice age, the natural glacial lake is flanked by the mountains of the Karwendel and Rofan massifs and fed by underground tributary streams. The setting of the Achensee is reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord, with its dark blue waters set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop. The region is a nature lover's paradise and offers amazing outdoor experiences year-round. Popular activities in summer include hiking, biking, sailing, swimming and even diving, while in winter the gentle slopes are ideal for family-friendly skiing. In addition, the vast network of cross-country ski trails has helped build the region's reputation as "Tirol's top cross-country skiing centre".

  • Volume/water content: 481 million m³ 
  • Surface area: 6.8km² 
  • Length: 9km 
  • Width: max. 1.3km 
  • Depth: max. 133m 
  • Circumference: 21.3km 
  • Earth’s curvature: 1.38m 
  • Theoretical water renewal: 1.9 years 
  • Formation: some 20,000 years ago as a terminal moraine-dammed lake after the last Ice Age 
  • Water quality: very good - drinking water quality!
  • Surface area of the entire Achensee region: 390km²

Lake Achensee

Why is Lake Achensee blue? How warm is Lake Achensee in summer? Which mountains surround the lake? Check out the link below and get all of your questions answered!

Contact points & opening hours

The friendly team of Achensee Tourism can assist with information about travel in the Achensee region and will be happy to answer questions and booking requests by phone and email.

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