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Sledding down the mountainside!

Tobogganing at Lake Achensee

Limitless winter fun for the young and young at heart: Tobogganing is a fantastic outdoor winter pursuit for all ages, and the Achensee holiday region boasts the requisite natural toboggan runs. What could be more exhilarating on a crisp winter day than a good old-fashioned tobogganing adventure, letting you relive beautiful childhood memories? Tobogganing is the quintessential winter experience and has long become trendy again for adults. Which is no surprise: Enjoying a chat while walking uphill and whizzing down the hillside with the wind on your face is a great shared experience. 

Family-friendly or fast-paced and challenging? The Achensee region has several natural toboggan runs, ranging from 0.8 to almost 4.8 kilometres long. How about a night-time toboggan ride under the stars? Almost all toboggan runs are floodlit, some even until midnight. The toboggan run in Steinberg is illuminated by a light bulb chain which gives out a warm, romantic glow. And of course, no tobogganing adventure is complete without a stopover at a mountain hut where you can warm up and refuel with Tirolean delicacies.

The toboggan run on the Zwölferkopf winds its way down to Pertisau over almost 5 kilometres, affording beautiful views of Lake Achensee. The Karwendel cable car transports visitors effortlessly up the mountain to the start of the toboggan run. Toboggans are available to hire at the sports shops in the valley station.

Length: 4.8 km | no floodlight | maps.achensee.com | snow report

Visitors can walk uphill to the Rodlhütte in 30 minutes or take the Rodlexpress tractor shuttle. On the top, the popular Rodlhütte invites to stop by for refreshments.

Length: 1.3 km | floodlit | maps.achensee.com | snow report

How about a tobogga ride in Maurach? The toboggan run winds its way down over many bends, descending steadily through the forest to the valley.

Length: 1.5 km | floodlit | maps.achensee.com | snow report

The toboggan run in Achenkirch starts at the middle station of the Hochalmlifte Christlum.

Length: 3.5 km | no floodlight | maps.achensee.com | snow report

At 800 metres long, the natural toboggan run in Steinberg am Rofan is quite short. The only thing that can happen is landing in a snowbank when you miss a turn. Parents can relax while the children sled down the mountain as often as they like. The easy-going ride allows plenty of time to enjoy the idyllic landscape.

Length: 0.8 km | no floodlight | maps.achensee.com | snow report

The toboggan run starts near the St. Notburga church/Gasthaus Kirchenwirt in Maurach and leads down the forest over some bends to Wiesing. The descent is easy and most suitable for families.

Length: 3 km | no floodlight | maps.achensee.com | snow report

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