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Year-round, the Achensee region is jam-packed with all kinds of adventures! How about trendy standup paddling, a leisurely Segway tour, cool action in a torrent or a sunrise hiking tour up the mountain? Do you want to learn windsurfing or get a diving certification? Maybe you want to join a ski touring or snowshoeing camp? Or take to the skies in a hot-air balloon? The Achensee experience shop is a treasure chest brimming with unforgettable adventures and must-do experiences for visitors to the Achensee region. Plan ahead and book your Achensee adventures online while travelling by train to your destination, or from the comfort of your hotel room. Our activities are very popular, and we encourage you to sign up before the spots sell out.

Many of our experiences are free with the AchenseeCard which you receive from your accommodation provider upon arrival. Visit the Achensee experience shop and browse our range of offers online. The region surrounding Tirol’s largest lake abounds with adventures in and on the water, in the valleys and in the mountains. There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Please note that our offers in the Achensee experience shop vary according to the season!


Audio Tour + Virtual Reality

DURATION: 1 hour With our 3D Virtual Reality Journey, you can experience 500 years of history firsthand. In the subsequent audio guide tour, former owners like emperor Maximillian, will show the…
17.07.2024 - 03.11.2024
from € 11,00

Forest adventure with Elfie the owl

ACHENSEE CHILDRENS' PROGRAMME “Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo”, hoots Elfi the owl. “What a hot day”,she grumbles, enjoying her rest in the forest. Suddenly, she’s wide awake. What’s going on? There is an…
16.07.2024 - 03.09.2024
from € 8,00


Enjoy our fabulous breakfast and lunch buffet with Achensee view from the heart and in a cozy atmosphere.
21.07.2024 - 29.09.2024
from € 59,00

Segway meets canoe

YOUTH PROGRAMME ACHENSEE We start by exploring the countryside on Segways. Trendy, ingenious and eco-friendly, these two-wheeled vehicles can be steered in any direction simply by shifting your…
15.07.2024 - 02.09.2024
from € 65,00

Hot-air balloon ride at Lake Achensee

CARRIED BY THE WIND - Get on board, take off and feel free. Switch off and slow down in a hot-air balloon ride experience. Soak in breathtaking panoramic views as you float up to 3000 metres above…
19.07.2024 - 30.08.2024
from € 280,00

Ponycamp 3 Days

The pony camp with well-trained children's horses is an unforgettable experience for all little horse lovers from the age of six. In addition to horses, there are also dogs, cats, rabbits and many…
29.07.2024 - 28.08.2024
from € 190,00

Achensee Snowshoeing Camp

The Achensee snowshoeing camp is designed for snowshoers who want to develop the skills for safe travel in open terrain. Learn from our expert guides how to get started, how to minimize your exposure…
from € 375,00

Kite-, Surf- & Wingfoillizenz Achensee - monthly license 2024

At more than nine kilometers long, Lake Achensee is the largest lake in Tyrol. Due to its unique topographical location, the lake offers excellent water and wind conditions for water sports…
16.07.2024 - 31.10.2024
from € 25,70

Herbs workshop

07.08.2024 - 25.09.2024
from € 124,20

Diving license Achensee

In addition to the special regulations for diving clubs and diving schools, diving is only permitted with a corresponding individual diving license under the following conditions and within the…
16.07.2024 - 31.10.2024
from € 11,00

Bike & Hike

The new trend among summiteers. Alpine duathlon up to a selected summit. The first meters in altitude are covered by (e-)bike, on foot we reach the summit cross and breathtaking views of Lake…
24.08.2024 - 05.10.2024
from € 240,00

Exclusive ranger-guided nature hike

ACHENSEE HIKING PROGRAMME We will explore the area surrounding the Gramai Alm mountain hut. The ranger will take us on a tour and explain the history and geology of the Nature Park Karwendel and the…
15.07.2024 - 28.10.2024
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