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We take responsibility!

Sustainable & responsible at Lake Achensee

Lake Achensee is a tourist destination committed to respectful and sustainable behaviour in nature. For over 15 years, implementing sustainable practices and environmental protection have been an essential part of Achensee Tourism's offer and product development. The revival of the Karwendelmarsch, projects such as the avalanche educational trail in the Rofan mountains, the golden eagle hike and all other nature-focused and awareness raising events and experiences are examples of how our region wants to lead the way.

Responsible tourism at Lake Achensee

We all need to be respectful of the mountains, the lake and the valleys to preserve the high-quality Tirolean summer destination at Lake Achensee for future generations. To make this possible, we already take all the necessary steps today.

  • Connecting our visitors with the beautiful natural environment of the mountains and the lake. 
  • Ensuring the preservation of our natural environment.
  • Conveying an understanding of a responsible visitor code of conduct in the mountains, with a focus on safety, proper waste disposal and protection of wildlife.
  • Enabling sustainable tourism in a natural environment. 

What does responsible tourism mean for us?

  • Travelling as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Experiencing unspoilt natural landscapes.
  • Creating a meaningful connection with the locals and learning about their culture and history.
Educational nature trail
Get educated on how to explore responsibly: The educational nature trail near the mountain station of the Rofan cable car features 7 stations where you can familiarize yourself with how to be respectful of people, wildlife, and the environment.
Avalanche educational trail
The ORTOVOX avalanche educational trail Rofan is located in the Rofan mountains at an elevation of 1,800 metres. It features seven interpretive panels explaining potential hazards in avalanche-prone terrain and how to stay safe in the mountains.
Being respectful sujet
Social Media campaign

Looking to build a more responsible connection with nature? In our Facebook social media campaign we share tips on environmentally conscious behaviour and how to stay safe in the mountains.

Let’s make a joint effort and take responsibility for our valuable natural resources so that we can preserve them for the people living today and for future generations. This is not about being PERFECT, but everybody can contribute to help the environment.
Achensee Tourism

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