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Rofan educational nature trail

Get educated on how to explore responsibly: The educational nature trail near the mountain station of the Rofan cable car features 7 stations where you can familiarize yourself with how to be respectful of people, wildlife, and the environment. At approximately two kilometres long, the path climbs over 200 metres of elevation. In winter, the path serves as an avalanche educational trail, teaching ski tourers and snowshoers the proper conduct in the mountains and how to use avalanche beacons, shovels and probes. In summer, the interpretive panels are replaced, transforming the “avalanche educational trail” into an “educational nature trail” which aims at developing a deep enduring respect for our environment. Learn the rules for walking near grazing cattle, how to respect wildlife and alpine flowers, and how to plan hiking and mountain tours.   
We also use social media to promote environmentally conscious behaviour in the mountains, at the lake and in the valleys. In our Facebook awareness campaign "Taktvoll" (being respectful) we share tips using comics and original captions to raise awareness for being mindful in nature and staying safe when enjoying the outdoors. Sounds interesting? Check out our campaign!

Exploring nature responsibly requires awareness, respect and being considerate. The educational nature trail Rofan features seven stations explaining how to foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature and the proper conduct in the mountains.

Beware of livestock: While you’re out exploring the region, you will most likely come across grazing horses, sheep, or cattle. This station shares the 10 most important rules what to do when walking near grazing livestock.

The Rofan mountains are an important habitat for wildlife. The animals are particularly vulnerable to the effects of human disturbance. Therefore, we ask you to always stay on marked trails in designated wildlife sanctuaries.

In the mountains you will find a huge variety of plants, including endemic species that are under preservation. Never damage, uproot or pick wildflowers! Such offences can attract a fine!

Did you know that peels of bananas take up 1-3 years to biodegrade, and that cigarette butts need 2-7 years to decompose? We all need to step up and take responsibility to keep our environment clean and protect our indispensable natural resources!

For a safe and memorable hiking experience, go prepared: Choose a route that suits your experience level, learn about the terrain and conditions you’ll encounter, check the weather, and carry the essentials.

Keep in mind that mountain weather can change very quickly. Always check the weather forecast before heading out to avoid emergencies. Educate yourself what to do if the weather changes or if you’re caught in a thunderstorm.

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Rofan educational nature trail

Get educated on how to explore responsibly: The educational nature trail near the mountain station…

walking time
01:00 h
1.9 km
elevation gain
200 hm
The interpretive panels, which are mounted on gabion baskets, are changed manually and sustainably, avoiding costly helicopter flights.
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