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Atoll Achensee - Leading the way in sustainability

Sustainability and environmental protection are high on the priority list of the region’s hotels and businesses. The Atoll Achensee, which opened its doors to the public in 2018, shows how sustainable practices blend with modern structures, boasting an exemplary energy concept: The energy for the entire facility is produced 100% carbon-neutral by heat pumps using water from a deep well. Hence, the Atoll Achensee sets a benchmark for ecological sustainability in the region.

Set on an area of 6,500 square metres, the leisure centre Atoll Achensee combines swimming pools, a spa area, a fitness centre, a bouldering gym, and restaurants under one roof. And, as one would expect, energy consumption for the swimming pools and spa area is high. Rather than generating energy from fossil fuels, the facility uses the groundwater from the municipality of Eben to produce the energy to operate ventilation, space and water heating. Used water is pumped back into Lake Achensee without any loss.

Sustainability is also an issue in all other areas of day-to-day operations: Heat is recovered in the kitchens and cold rooms, the showers stop automatically to save water, lighting controls help save electricity, and there are no paper dispensers in the toilets. There are also initiatives to tackle the amount of waste that is inevitably produced by such a large facility. The Atoll tries to reduce waste in cooperation with the suppliers. For example, pool chemicals and cleaning products are shipped in reusable containers. Moreover, chemicals are only used where legally required.

The concept continues in the outdoor facilities: In a pilot project with the Tirolean Environmental Ombudsman, the many green areas have been planted with perennials so that an annual redesign is not necessary. The lighting concept was developed on the criteria of the initiative “The Plight with Light” to minimise light pollution.y the way, the Atoll Achensee is home to an unusual example of how upcycling can be put into practice: Instead of scrapping the old Achensee steamer St. Benedikt it was converted into a playground which keeps children of all ages entertained.

Enjoy unforgettable moments at the Atoll Achensee in Maurach.
Atoll Achensee

The Atoll Achensee on the lakeshore in Maurach attracts wellness enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike!

Visitors to the region are also encouraged to travel and explore responsibly: In front of the Atoll Achensee there is bus stop, a charging point for electric cars, and 150 bicycle parking spaces. So why not combine your visit to the Atoll Achensee with a leisurely bike tour?
Atoll Achensee

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