Being mindful when climbing!

Outdoor climbing etiquette

Imagine! Early in the morning on a warm summer day, the birds are chirping, a clear and fresh morning air surrounds you and the rock you intend to climb is already in sight. Nothing stands in the way of a perfect climbing day… or does it? People who didn’t park their car in the allocated space, the roadside littered with rubbish and loud music drowning out the soothing sounds of the forest. A perfect climbing day and a peaceful coexistence requires a responsible code of conduct in the mountains and its surroundings.

Parking your car right means using the allocated space so that another car can park in the next space. Use the signposted parking spaces – they have been created especially for you and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Being mindful of nature means taking your own and, if necessary, other people’s rubbish with you or throwing it in a bin provided for this purpose.

The proverb "Leave what you find, leave no trace" also applies for rock climbing. Even though causing little environmental damage, chalk can destroy certain surfaces such as sandstone. Chalk clogs the rock’s pores and binds water, which then expands in cold weather and causes damage to the surface or makes it slippery.

The information whether climbing is allowed in a certain area can be found on the website which is kept up-to-date on a regular basis. If necessary, locals can also be asked for help. In addition, the Welcome-CENTER Achensee offers a number of flyers and brochures on the climbing areas in the Rofan and Karwendel mountains, which can be used for orientation. The interactive map provides detailed information on the individual climbing crags.

Exploring off the beaten track – aren’t we all looking to satisfy our exploratory spirit from time to time? Nevertheless, specially created routes should be used, as climbing routes are often located in protected areas. We therefore ask you to use the official access routes and follow the signs.

Everybody knows the situation… nature is calling. However, not everyone has yet had the pleasure of relieving themselves in the outdoors. Find a quiet place and take your toilet paper with you in a small bag you have brought with you. However, the best tip is to use the toilet in the comfort of your home or hotel. For your furry best friends, we have set up dog toilets at numerous spots around Lake Achensee.

Playing your favourite music from the beatbox can be a blessing but also a curse. Music that is too loud disturbs other climbers and the denizens of the forest and should therefore be avoided. Tip: Listen to the sound of silence.

Sleeping outdoors in nature under a starry sky, warmed by a campfire… Music to the ears of real adventurers. All this is possible when following some rules of conduct. Lighting fires and camping is only allowed on designated fireplaces and official campsites.

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