Ammunition cans become portable ashtrays

Outdoor ashtrays - protect our environment

Dropped cigarette butts are the most common form of littering, not only in our cities, but also in remote locations in nature. Cigarette butts create a huge environmental issue: One single stub contaminates up to 40 litres of groundwater and leaks thousands of toxins into the soil. To solve this waste problem, Lake Achensee has introduced “outdoor ashtrays” – small, reusable tins that fit in every trouser pocket or rucksack.

Basically, the outdoor ashtrays are empty air rifle ammunition cans. In cooperation with the Nature Park Karwendel, local shooting clubs collect the cans which are then repurposed. Instead of throwing them away, the cans are upcycled and put to good use. If you are a smoker and want to go hiking, please get yourself a free outdoor ashtray.

Where to get our free outdoor ashtrays?

The outdoor ashtrays are only available while stocks last.

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