Outdoor activities off the slopes!

Winter pursuits at Lake Achensee

Image how the early morning mist lifts and the first rays of sunlight creep over the mountains. A beautiful winter day is about to begin, and even off the ski runs, the Achensee region offers plenty of memorable experiences. Here is some inspiration for winter activities beyond the slopes. There’s a whole world of winter out there for you to enjoy!

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are an unhurried and romantic way to explore the wintry scenery. Hop aboard, cuddle up beneath the warm blankets, and off you go: through quaint villages and snow-covered forests, across enticing snowscapes glistening in the sunshine or moonlight.

The dream of freedom and adventure

The adventure of a lifetime awaits as you take life higher with a hot-air balloon ride. Climb into the basket, take off, and rise into the skies. Let yourself be transported across the Achensee region and soak in spectacular views of the snow-capped Rofan and Karwendel mountains.

Taking a spin on the ice rink

Groups of friends have fun showing off their moves, couples take a spin holding hands, small children take their first small steps while senior citizens whizz past, enjoying a good workout: Ice skating is a wonderful winter experience for everyone and best enjoyed outdoors in nature beneath a backdrop of the snow-capped mountains. 

Sledding down the mountainside

How about reliving delightful childhood memories with a good old-fashioned tobogganing adventure? The quintessential winter experience has long become trendy again for adults. Family-friendly or fast-paced: The Achensee region boasts several natural toboggan runs, some of which have lift or shuttle access. Almost all toboggan runs are floodlit for night-time tobogganing.

Wellness experience

Who doesn’t love the relaxation of a warm soak after a day’s adventures in the snow? Wellness is one of the region’s main attractions. From exquisite massages and Far Eastern relaxation techniques to an art nouveau swimming hall and top-notch spa suites: The Achensee region boasts a huge range of wellness options. Some hotels have day spa offers. At the leisure centre Atoll Achensee, you can splash about in the pools of the Panorama-BAD and unwind in the saunas of the Penthouse-SPA.

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