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Fantastic icy winter activities!

Ice skating & ice stock sport

Young girls are eager to show off their moves, couples take a spin holding hands, small children learn to take their first steps while senior citizens whizz past, enjoying a good workout: Ice skating is a wonderful winter experience for everyone and best enjoyed outdoors in nature beneath a backdrop of the snow-capped mountains.

Ice skating
Ice stock sport
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Status: Closed

Ice Skating Atoll Achensee

Achenseestraße 63
6212 Maurach am Achensee
🗴 +43 (5243) 20320
😠 info@atoll-achensee.com
🜽 www.atoll-achensee.com/de/eislaufplatz
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Platzhalterbild Logo TVB Achensee
Status: Closed

Ice skating Achenkirch

Beim Fußballplatz
6215 Achenkirch am Achensee
🗴 +43 (5246) 6247
😠 gemeinde@achenkirch.tirol.gv.at
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Did you know that ice stock sport is a centuries-old tradition? It used to be a playful way to beat winter inactivity, especially for farmers and craftspeople. Today, the convivial sport is still very popular. Who gets their ice stock closest to the so-called “Daube”? Challenging to play, the sport takes a bit of everything: concentration, a sense of proportion, and shooting technique. The most important thing, however, is to have fun. Ice stock sport is a great recreational activity enjoyed by the locals, and visitors are welcome to join. Click here for an overview of all ice stock lanes.