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Nature takes center stage!

Autumn holidays at Lake Achensee

The early morning mist lifts and the sun rises from behind the mountains, and Lake Achensee shimmers in hues of turquoise blue against a backdrop of a landscape ablaze with brilliant displays of colour. Autumn has entered the “natural stage Achensee”. It’s curtain up for a holiday experience where culinary delights, relaxation and well-being take the leading part.

Playing outside

The region around Lake Achensee, an impressive lake nestled between the Rofan and Karwendel mountains, is an ideal destination for hiking and cycling in autumn. Over 500 kilometres of hiking trails from relaxing strolls to exhilarating summits beckon visitors to get outside and connect with nature. From the peaks, hikers are rewarded with spectacular clear views that are unique in autumn. Those who enjoy exploring the region on two wheels will find a huge variety of cycling and mountain biking routes.

Tours in the Karwendel mountains offer unique summit experiences, such as the tour up the Sonnjoch which stands 2457 metres tall.

Wellness world Achensee

After an active day outdoors, it’s wonderful to replenish indoors. Or maybe you fancy an indulgent spa break? Wellness is one of the region’s main attractions. From exquisite massages and Far Eastern relaxation techniques to an art nouveau swimming hall, spa suites, and wellness on the alpine pasture: The wellness options at Lake Achensee deserve a round of applause. Some hotels also offer day spa experiences, and in the leisure centre Atoll Achensee you can relax in the panorama pool, the spacious penthouse SPA, or in the fun and outdoor pools. The star ingredient in most of the treatments is Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil), which is mined locally and processed in skincare products.

The stunning natural scenery, many excellent spa hotels and the Tiroler Steinöl® make Lake Achensee a popular destination for wellness holidays.

Tirolean delicacies meet haute cuisine

Autumn is the time for enjoyment: If you are looking to combine colourful outdoor experiences with culinary delights, Lake Achensee is the place to be. Food lovers will find both excellent gourmet cuisine and traditional Tirolean dishes. In the mountain huts, hearty delicacies will get your taste buds tingling. The chefs in the Achensee region prefer top-quality locally produced and sourced ingredients. Lake Achensee is also home to the “Whisky Alpin” and a special kind of gin. The Achensee beer, which is brewed with spring water from the Karwendel, is great for quenching the thirst.

The culinary delights at Lake Achensee are a treat for the palate & the soul. This photo captures a fish dish.

Autumn Programme Achensee for kids

Lake Achensee is nestled in the middle of the Tirolean mountains, and its turquoise blue waters attract visitors year-round. In autumn, nature provides us with a beautiful blast of colour with leaves turning red and golden. Our offers for family holidays are just as colourful, and in October, the Achensee holiday region becomes your favourite destination for your autumn holidays. Plenty of exciting adventures await our young visitors, with activities ranging from bread making courses to pony riding to a family pasture day with Hen Hanna or a family hike under the stars.

The day starts early in the morning at the Adler bakery in Achenkirch. Children learn how to make bread rolls.

Farm shops in the region

Natural farming and mindful living, animal welfare, and a strong connection to their homeland are important values for many farmers in the Achensee region. Plus, there is a rise in demand for regional products from consumers. Want to discover seasonal delicacies and support our local farmers? Follow the link below to find a list of the region’s farm shops, known for selling excellent fresh produce and handcrafted food!

Regional food from the courtyard garden
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