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Nature takes center stage!

Autumn holidays at Lake Achensee

When the early morning mist rises like a curtain, and the forests make an entrance costumed in colours from golden yellow to rusty red, and the gentle breeze over the lake is the prompter, nature at Lake Achensee has transformed into a stage. Autumn in Tirol's Sports & Vitality Park puts the spotlight on a natural spectacle that provides the scenery for the most beautiful plays.

Such a magical time of year, when Tirol's largest lake becomes a colourful stage with our visitors in the starring role: It's curtain up for your autumn holidays at Lake Achensee, a holiday destination with tradition. The lake, which lies beautifully nestled between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains, has attracted visitors since time immemorial. What makes this region so popular? Is it the picturesque setting or the combination of mountains and the lake, boasting a huge variety of recreational activities? Probably both. What fans of the Achensee region appreciate most is the pristine natural scenery and the diverse natural landscapes featuring an ensemble of water, meadows and rocks.

Playing outside

The first act hiking and mountaineering, the second act biking, and the third act climbing or sailing? Or would you rather play golf? Tirol's Sports & Vitality Park offers plenty of sporting pursuits. You can conquer the mountains around Tirol's largest lake by cable car or by using your own muscle strength. The hiking trail network extends over 500 kilometres. Both the Nature Park Karwendel and the Rofan mountains boast a magnificent scenery. For cycling enthusiasts, there are 250 kilometres of well-signposted cycle routes. Tours of various lengths and difficulty levels let you explore the region’s natural spectacle on two wheels.

Tours in the Karwendel mountains offer unique summit experiences, such as the tour up the Sonnjoch which stands 2457 metres tall.

Fantastic wellness offers

Wellness is one of the region’s main attractions. From exquisite massages and Far Eastern relaxation techniques to an art nouveau swimming hall, spa suites, and wellness on the alpine pasture: The wellness options at Lake Achensee deserve a round of applause. Some hotels also offer day spa experiences, and in the leisure centre Atoll Achensee you can relax in the panorama pool, the spacious penthouse SPA, or in the outdoor pools. The star ingredient in most of the treatments is Tiroler Steinöl® shale oil), which is mined locally and processed in skincare products.

The stunning natural scenery, many excellent spa hotels and the Tiroler Steinöl® make Lake Achensee a popular destination for wellness holidays.