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Autumn activity holidays

Close your eyes and imagine the soft autumn light floating over the surface of Lake Achensee and flickering warmly on the Karwendel and Rofan mountains. Feel the soft breeze on your face and rejoice: The golden hues and the wide range of outdoor sporting activities make autumn in the Achensee region an absolute delight.

Summit victories

Every step takes you to lofty heights, and every view is a beautiful spectacle of colour. The Achensee region offers well-marked and well-maintained hiking trails, making it the perfect destination for mountaineering. Autumn is the best time to go hiking – the air is fresh, the view is clear, and the colours are spectacular. Remember that proper tour planning is essential.

Hiking is good for the soul

Autumn is a time of wonder when the leaves change colour and the larches turn stunning shades of blazing gold. A leisurely autumn walk or hiking tour in the great outdoors restores a sense of calm and is good for the soul. For many years, the Achensee region has carried the Tirolean seal of quality for the high standard of its hiking paths.

Get roller skiing

Roller skiing is a sport that mirrors cross-country skiing in terms of style and technique. It is an ideal full-body workout, whether you’re preparing for the cross-country ski season at Lake Achensee or just want to get rolling for the joy of movement. The Achensee region offers a diverse network of trails suitable for roller skiing.

Explore autumn on two wheels

See the early morning mist rise off the Achental valley and feel the cool breeze on your face as you cycle through the beautiful scenery. Autumn sets the stage for a stunning colour palette and countless cycle routes await both pleasure cyclists and seasoned mountain bikers. Get information about mountain bike trails that are still accessible at this time of year or where passage is still permitted.

Between southern faces and alpenglow

Imagine being surrounded by mountains ignited in fiery red alpenglow. The sun is shining at a lower angle on the natural scenery, and the rock is pleasantly warm as you climb up the southern faces. Whether in the varied Rofan or in the barren Karwendel, climbing in the Achensee region is an exhilarating experience in nature which is truly unique.

Climb the peaks over metal rungs

Are you a fan of climbing via ferrata? The Achensee region offers a huge variety of via ferratas in the Rofan and Karwendel mountains. While these routes are secured and require no climbing experience, proper equipment, sure-footedness, and a head for heights are required. Proper tour planning is essential. Check opening times in advance.

Running through the leaves

Autumn is perfect for long runs through the glowing Karwendel valleys and the charming villages of the region. Feel the cool breeze from the lake as you build up your stamina with every step and listen to the leaves crunch under your running shoes. Running enthusiasts can explore a number of designated running routes or even run around the lake - during the Achensee Run. From late autumn, the Gaisalmsteig is seasonally closed depending on snow conditions. Please check in advance if the trail is open.

Enjoy a round of autumn golf

Calling all golf enthusiasts: The natural stage Achensee is perfect for extending the season for a bit longer. Get your driver ready, take a deep breath, and concentrate on the ball. Tee off on the two scenic golf courses of the Achensee region and enjoy the brilliant colours of the season between the mountains and the lake.

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