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Climbing the peaks on fixed rope routes!

Via ferratas in the Karwendel & Rofan

Are you sure-footed and unafraid of heights but don’t fancy complicated knots or rope manoeuvres? Try one of the region’s secured via ferratas. Steps, iron ladders and steel cables are the distinctive features of a via ferrata. Some routes even have suspension bridges, overhangs, or rock tunnels. Via ferratas are divided into difficulty levels A (moderate) to E (extremely difficult). The easier routes are also suitable for people without climbing experience but require excellent mountain hiking skills. In addition, proper climbing equipment, sure-footedness, and a head for heights are essential for this adventure. Follow this link to read our via ferrata safety tips!

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The 5-summit via ferrata in the Rofan mountains is a special highlight for climbers. At two kilometres long, it is one the longest via ferratas of the Alps, featuring sections of steep via ferrata and scenic hiking. The route leads to the peaks of the Haidachstellwand (2,192m), Rosskopf (2,246m), Seekarlspitze (2,261m), Spieljoch (2,236m) and Hochiss (2,299m). It is divided into five sections at different grade levels, allowing everyone to choose their preferred route with or without a summit victory. Beginners can tackle the via ferrata in individual stages and/or leave it at any time. Accomplished climbers complete the entire route in one day.

The via ferrata Christlumsiedlung in Achenkirch is a perfect training area in the valley. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to practice and hone your skills, the via ferrata offers various difficulty levels that suit all ages. It's easy to get to with car parking facilities nearby and has only a short approach.

The via ferrata Felix & Charlotte near the top station of the Rofan cable car was designed with families and beginners in mind. Located a little below the Erfurter Hütte (1,834m), the route runs over stepped terrain and can be finished in 15 to 30 minutes – perfect as a practice course for first timers or as training terrain to prepare for longer routes.

One of the most scenic via ferratas runs level to the crest of the Dalfaz waterfall and affords fantastic views. Advanced via ferrata climbers will enjoy this very demanding one-hour course. The access point is the marked hiking trail behind the Kinderhotel Buchau.

The "Brudertunnel", one of Tirol’s first via ferratas, is an amazing tunnel via ferrata with an impressive passage through a rock cave. If you combine it with a summit tour to the Lamsenspitze (2,508m), you can look forward to a special mountain experience in the Karwendel that is guaranteed to give you an extra dose of happiness.

The via ferratas at the Achensee impress with breathtaking low and panoramic views.
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Achensee via ferrata camp

If you are looking for a safe approach to rock climbing, a secured via ferrata is the right place to start. The 4-day Achensee via ferrata camp is the perfect introduction to climbing via ferrata. Get tips and tricks from the pros!

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