Conquer five peaks in one go!

Achensee 5-summit via ferrata

In the Rofan mountains, the Achensee 5-summit via ferrata lets climbers scale five peaks in one go. Featuring exciting via ferrata sections paired with fantastic views, the course gives you an extra dose of exhilaration. The via ferrata starts at the top station of the Rofan cable car.

The first summit that you climb is the Haidachstellwand, at 2,192 metres the lowest peak and perfect start (difficulty level B/C). The second and longest section (difficulty level C/D) leads to the 2,246-metre-high Rosskopf, where you quickly gain height in a unique natural landscape. Climbing the next peaks, the Seekarlspitze (2,261m, difficulty level C/D) and the Spieljoch (2,236m, difficulty level C) you get to enjoy stunning views of the area surrounding the Dalfazer Wände and the Lange Gasse. A special challenge (difficulty level C/D) is the Hochiss, at 2,299 metres the highest peak of the via ferrata course, where all the climbing effort is rewarded with splendid vistas of the Rofan and parts of the Karwendel mountains.

Via ferrata
Route Length
50 - 150 km
150 - 250 km
250 - 350 km
350 - 450 km
450 - 550 km
Climbing Time
00:30 h - 01:00 h
01:00 h - 01:30 h
01:30 h - 02:00 h
02:00 h - 02:30 h
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Good to know

Confirmed via ferrata climbers with an adequate fitness level can complete the entire course in six to eight hours. If you have less time or if you are a beginner climber, no problem! The five summits can be climbed individually or in any combination. You can return to the top station of the Rofan cable car at any time and round off your adventure with a comfortable gondola ride to the valley.

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