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Climbing in the Karwendel & Rofan

The Karwendel and Rofan mountains are among the most popular climbing spots in Tirol. Which is no surprise: Climbers can choose from over 250 climbing routes. The region sets high standards in climbing, boasting a forest high ropes course and a variety of alpine classics where already mountaineering pioneers Mathias "Hias" Rebitsch and Peter Habeler put their skills and bravery to the test. The highest difficulty levels range from 3 to 8c+. Follow this link to read our safety tips!

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Achensee climbing camp

Looking for climbing technique and equipment tips? Join the Achensee climbing camp and get tips from the professionals.

Natural treasure Rofan

Boasting a huge variety of routes and objectives, the Rofan mountains are a unique climbing destination in Tirol. Nestled between mighty peaks and Lake Achensee, the mountains entice with both gentle meadows and rugged rock formations, for example, the Rosskopf (2,246m) and the Seekarlspitze (2,261m). Already mountaineering legend Hermann Buhl scrambled up these walls. Climbing options have been expanded in recent years, with activities ranging from family-friendly climbing crags to challenging multi-pitch routes on the Issplatten, and climbing routes on the Klobenjoch (2,041m). Climbing enthusiasts can look forward to plenty of options!

Nature Park Karwendel

Austria’s largest nature park, the Nature Park Karwendel, encompasses almost the entire Karwendel mountains. It is home to rare animal and plant species and an outdoor playground boasting fantastic rock formations. The climbing area around the Lamsenspitze (2,508m) is known far beyond the region. Climbers in the Karwendel can choose from both alpine and moderately difficult sport climbing routes. A special Karwendel treat for experts is certainly the Sonnjoch (2,458m): It is one of the longest multi-pitch routes in the Alps, offering a whopping 1,700 metres of climbing with only a 5-minute approach.

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