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Well-maintained climbing crags

Until the 1980s, climbers mostly found their own vertical way and were happy about every bolt driven into the rocks by previous climbers. Today, climbing enthusiasts in the Achensee region can choose from a huge variety of climbing crags with some 100 different routes graded 2 to 8. Most of them are checked and maintained yearly to ensure that they are safe. Experienced mountain & ski guides share this job, rappelling down every route and systematically going through a checklist. Some routes are also being completely restored, especially if they are older. You can help keep the Achensee climbing crags safe by reporting any damages to the hut keeper of the nearest mountain hut, cable car operators, or the staff of Achensee Tourism who will notify the maintenance crew.

We always maintain the climbing crags after winter because that's when there is the most damage due to frost fracturing the rocks. But as much as we strive to make the crags safe, you always climb at your own risk and should therefore only venture into the wall if you have the requisite equipment and skills.
Mike Rutter, mountain & ski guide

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