Code of conduct, emergency numbers, basic knots for climbers!

Staying safe while climbing

Ready for your climbing adventure at Lake Achensee, or do you still have questions? In this article, we have gathered tips and information on how to stay safe in the climbing areas.

The uniform signposting of climbing routes in the Achensee region serves as orientation and information in the terrain. Difficulty levels in the region are based on the French climbing scale with the highest grade level at 8c+. Visit our interactive map to find all climbing routes of the region.

  • You should always put some thought into tour planning. Get the necessary route knowledge not just from topos, but also read guidebooks and maps. Ask your accommodation provider for local tips and insider knowledge. 
  • Examine the point weather forecast for the actual location of your climb and scan the hourly forecast. In addition, check the difficulty levels of climbing routes, plan enough time for the access and descent and honestly assess your skills and climbing experience. 
  • Only use mountain sports equipment that meets the appropriate standards, study the instructions for use carefully, and when you set off: warm up properly and always protect your head with a helmet! Make sure all members of the climbing party agree on what commands will be used and the explicit actions they imply.
  • Leave no trace and be responsible: A perfect climbing day also means being considerate of other climbers and respecting the natural world. Click here to find out how.

In case of an emergency

  • Emergency numbers: 144 (ambulance), 140 (emergency number for alpine accidents in Austria), 112 (European emergency number)
  • Emergency app „SOS EU Alp“: This app shares your GPS coordinates with local emergency response teams, reducing the time between alert and rescue considerably. The app is a valuable addition to the official alpine emergency number 140.

Essential climbing knots

Working with rope is a fundamental skill every climber regardless of experience or ability must master. We joined the annual climbing camp "Climbing in the Rofan" and learned how to tie the most essential knots.

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