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Farm shops for delicious local produce

Imagine a rural idyll in the middle of the Tirolean mountains. Chickens roam freely in the yard, the cows are milked early in the morning, and an abundance of vegetables grows in the fields. Natural farming and mindful living, animal welfare, and a strong connection to their homeland are the most important values for many farmers in the Achensee region. At the same time, there is a rise in demand for regional products from locals and visitors. An increasing number of consumers want to know where their food comes from and appreciate the higher quality and better taste of locally grown food.

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into growing, harvesting, and processing a huge range of farm produce. Want to experience an amazing farm food shopping day? We have put together a list of the region’s farm shops, known for selling excellent cheese, milk, yoghurt, eggs, vegetables, and handcrafted food!

Schmiedhof: The small wooden house opposite the Schmiedhof farm offers a delicious array of seasonal products. Stop by and discover handpicked and homemade produce.

Wiesingerhof: The Wiesingerhof is located in Wiesing, which Beda Weber, the first to document Tirolean history, described as a "pretty little village". Wiesing is a 10-minute drive from the southern shore of Lake Achensee. The traditional farm sells schnapps year-round and also artisan honey (while supplies last). Visitors are welcome to taste the products. Please call in advance.

Schrambacherhof: Family Rieser grows up to 30 different vegetables organically, and the core of their farm shop at the Schrambacherhof is the “Achental veg box”. The box contains the best seasonal picks, ranging from salads and radishes in spring to cucumbers and tomatoes in summer to pumpkins in autumn. 

Do you want to cook for yourself while on holiday? No problem! You can book a veg box in advance. For more information and delivery dates, please contact the farm shop directly. 

Lentererhof: Fresh farm produce at the push of a button at any time of the day or night! The Lentererhof hosts an on-farm vending machine selling a wide range of fresh seasonal produce such as fresh hay milk, yoghurt, jams, and various types of salt.

Mauritzalm: A beautiful mountain hut in the Rofan mountains, the Mauritzalm is just 10 minutes from the mountain station of the Rofan cable car. The Mauritzalm sells homemade bacon, and during the summer grazing season butter, raw milk, and buttermilk.

Enterhof: The Enterhof is located in the idyllic village of Steinberg, which lies in a side valley of the Achental. Fill your shopping basket with fresh eggs, milk, pasta, sausages, bacon, and cheese.

Klausenhof: The Klausenhof and its farm shop enjoy an idyllic location surrounded by lush green meadows, just 600 metres from Lake Achensee. The small farm shop sells homemade yoghurt, raw milk, organic eggs, and pasta. 

"Da kommt's her" (where our food comes from) is a joint farm to table initiative by Tirol’s economy and agriculture. Participating restaurants and hospitality businesses use voluntary origin labelling for their ingredients, responding to an increased consumer focus on food provenance and quality. Visit the website of "Da kommt's her" at www.dakommtsher.at to find participating businesses in the Achensee region.

Locally grown food tastes better and is of higher quality. Supporting local farmers today ensures that there will be farms in our community tomorrow. Plus, sustainable farming minimizes the environmental impact of your food. There are many good reasons why buying regional is better. Bon appétit - we hope you have amazing taste experiences!
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