Colourful autumn holidays for families!

Autumn programme Achensee

Lake Achensee is nestled in the middle of the Tirolean mountains, and its turquoise blue waters attract visitors year-round. In autumn, nature provides us with a beautiful blast of colour with leaves turning red and golden. Our offers for family holidays are just as colourful, and in October, the Achensee holiday region becomes your favourite destination for your autumn holidays.

Plenty of exciting adventures await our young visitors, with activities ranging from bread making courses to pony riding to a family pasture day with Hen Hanna. The planned activities occur from 2 October to 03 November 2023 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The registration and detailed itinerary will be possible soon. Please contact us for questions

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Bread making course for children

On Mondays, there will be bread making courses for children at the Adler Bakery. Learn all about mixing the dough, kneading and shaping in a playful environment as you make your own brown bread to take home.

The day starts early in the morning at the Adler bakery in Achenkirch. Children learn how to make bread rolls.

Pony riding

On Wednesdays, there will be a special experience for horse lovers: We will go pony riding! We will meet at the Welcome-CENTER Achensee and from there we take a leisurely stroll to the Reiterhof where we saddle the ponies and off we go.

Pony riding in Maurach am Achensee is great fun for children.

Family hike under the stars

Lights at night! On Thursday, when darkness has fallen at Lake Achensee, we grab our self-made lanterns and set out on the night walk with you and your parents. Of course, Wusel the water spirit will join us. A fabulous experience for the whole family.

Wusel the water spirit smiles happily into the camera.

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