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Nachhaltig & Sanft

Excursion - Eng

Mi, 17.7.2024
 - 09:26
Eng Alm - Almdorf mitten im Karwendel
Eng Nr. 11
6215 Hinterriss

Excursion to the Eng

Adjacent to the ‘Großer Ahornboden’ natural monument, nestled between the rugged cliffs of the Karwendel mountains and surrounded by lush green meadows, lies the alpine village of Eng. For hundreds of years, a village community has developed here from spring to autumn. Almerer come together again after the winter and look after their happy cows, whose feed consists solely of alpine herbs from the lush green meadows. Taste the special flavour of this cheese, which is produced directly on site. Take part in this unique mountain idyll for a day or hike on to the slightly higher Binsalm.

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Included Services

Bus trip to the Eng and back


Participation only after registration until Tuesday (previous day) at 11.00 noon under Silberregion Karwendel - Excursion Eng. If you are in possession of an AchenseeCard or DahoamCard, please indicate this when booking (reduced rate!)

Price Information

With the AchenseeCard or DahoamCard:

  • Adults EUR 13,- for outward and return journey
  • Children up to 6 years free of charge


Meeting Point


  • 09.26 Wiesing, Tankstelle Eni
  • 09.31 Wiesing, Inn Fischl
  • 09.41 Maurach, Atoll Achensee
  • 09.56 Achenkirch, Haltestelle Achenkirch Abzw. Achensee
  • 09.58 Achenkirch, Haltestelle Achenkirch Sport Busslehner
  • Arrival: 11.10 Eng, Hinterriss Eng Gasthaus


  • 15.30 Eng, Hinterriss Eng 
  • 16.00 Hinterriss, Naturparkhaus


  • 16.38 Achenkirch, Haltestelle Achenkirch Sport Busslehner
  • 16.40 Achenkirch, Haltestelle Achenkirch Abzw. Achensee
  • 16.55 Maurach, Atoll Achensee
  • 17.05 Wiesing, Inn Fischl
  • 17.10 Wiesing, Tankstelle Eni

Additional event days
From 10.07.2024 to 09.10.2024
  • Wednesday at 09:26