Tips & tricks for your running form!

How to improve your running technique

Running … anyone can do it! But “can” is a flexible term. If you watch the participants in a running event, you soon realise that some runners do not have an optimal running economy. Learning the proper running form is beneficial for your health and has many advantages.

Why improve your running form?

Running is never just about speed, but always about health and fitness. The correct running technique protects joints and tendons and trains the muscles, and you’ll get faster too.

  • Save energy: The right forward movement reduces energy consumption and increases endurance.
  • Minimise risk of injury: Shock and cushioning movements are optimised by the right running style, thereby reducing injuries.
  • Get faster: If you want to run faster, you need more body tension and this is trained during running and jumping training.
  • Run lighter: A good running technique makes powerful cushioning systems obsolete, keyword natural running shoes. You save weight and train your foot muscles and tendons at the same time.

Achensee running camp

Improve your running efficiency on tarmac and off-road. Join the Achensee running camp by Sportalpen where expert coaches share tips and tricks on effective training and technique.

More tips & tricks

5 stretches for runners
We have put together basic stretches for the many runners who are out there running on our region's varied terrain and routes. Just incorporate stretching into your training routine and say goodbye to tight muscles!
The agility ladder
The agility ladder is an inexpensive and effective tool for your running and jumping training. If you don't want to buy one, you can build one yourself by using sticks and tape.

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