Improve your performance with the right running shoe!

Achensee running shoe guide

The perfect running shoe not only gives you a better feeling when you’re running, it also has an enormous impact on your performance. In our Achensee running shoe guide, we have rounded up insights into the technical features and tips for choosing the right shoe at the running store.

The first important feature of a running shoe is its weight. In most cases, lightweight models have an advantage over "clunky" shoes. On runs that are longer than 20 minutes, lighter running shoes can even increase your running time by a few minutes. At the same time, the shoe should be flexible to support foot mobility and to help build muscles. A thin sole and a low offset for normal runners - the majority of athletes – ensure a proper technique and optimal body balance.

The search for the right running shoe highly depends on the area of use. A fast shoe for the road? A model with a good grip for fell running? The demands on technology could not be more different. In addition, running enthusiasts are always on the move individually. Here are some tips for an economical running style:

  • Arms stay compact and close to the body
  • Lean forward to move your center of gravity in front of your feet
  • Increase your cadence to build efficient speed
  • Run with a midfoot or forefoot strike

Once you master the proper running form, the search for shoes can begin. It is best to divide them into asphalt and trail running shoes and to rely on the experts among the outfitters: for example, Salming for asphalt and Salomon for variable terrain.

There is a huge range of shoes available for the various types of road running, and it is primarily a matter of distance. Marathon runners need more cushioning, sprinters need ultralight material. 

Overview of the categories: 

  • Intervals: Runners who focus on intervals and tough tempo runs on the road should choose a lightweight shoe. Special technologies such as rebound systems ensure that energy is not wasted but feeds back into the running motion. This is a useful feature, especially for short distances. Running shoe example: Salming Speed 6
  • Five to ten kilometres: Short to medium distances demand a running shoe with all-rounder characteristics. Here, too, weight is important, but there are additional requirements. Flexibility to be prepared for all running situations, light cushioning, resistance for longer distances and comfort features such as breathability. Running shoe example: Salming Distance D6
  • Half marathon to marathon: For most runners (ultra runners excepted), the marathon is the supreme discipline in endurance running. Distances ranging from 21 to 42 kilometres demand a lot from the running shoes and make durability an essential factor in the material mix. Cushioning is usually stronger than in short & middle-distance shoes. Running shoe example: Salming EnRoute

There are just as many choices for trail running as there are for road running. Due to the different types of surfaces, the sole is particularly important.

  • All-rounder: It's all in the mix: A good all-rounder for trails has cushioning that also dissipates the impact of sharp gravel, a grip that also provides hold on wet roots, and upper material that also protects against falling rocks. Running shoe example: Salomon Sense Ride
  • Long distance: Probably the toughest challenge for a running shoe is long-distance off-road running. Grip and fit are essential to ease the strain. Weight is also important to ensure that your muscles do not tire too quickly. Running shoe example: Salomon S/Lab Ultra

Achensee running camp

Looking to start the running season under expert guidance? Join the Achensee running camp where professional coaches share tips and tricks on effective training and technique.

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