Meet the crew behind the winter trails!

The secret of perfectly groomed tracks

What could be better than striding in perfectly groomed and track-set cross-country ski trails, soaking in the stillness of winter? Our skilled groomers are working day and night behind the scenes to ensure that skiers find perfect conditions on over 230 kilometres of cross-country ski trails around Lake Achensee. 

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Already after the first snowfall in autumn, the local building yard employees begin to flatten the fresh snow with a roller made from old car tyres. The air is squeezed out of the snow, creating a dense and supportive trail base, so that the ground underneath can freeze properly. After the next fresh snowfall, the trail groomers can be used. The shift of the five-man crew that prepares the cross-country ski trails in Pertisau to the church in Eben and the Prälatenhaus in the Buchau district starts at six o’clock. First the old track is reworked and then a new one is set. “Our tracks are always finely groomed, and not only after a fresh snowfall”, explains Albert Eberharter, head of the building yard in Eben am Achensee.

His colleagues in Achenkirch prepare the tracks in a similar way. Before the first snowfall, Hubert Rainer clears the hard grass stems left over by the cattle so that even in little snow cross-country ski tracks can be set. Thomas Auer in Steinberg works all by himself. The part-time farmer gets on the groomer immediately after finishing his farm work in the morning. He prepares almost 50 kilometres of trails. But that’s not all. He is also responsible for preparing the toboggan run and sometimes even the ski slope in Steinberg.

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