Develop your Nordic skiing skills with tips from the pros!

Achensee cross-country skiing camps

Cross-country skiing is one of the most effective sports to improve your health. It is a great endurance sport and a very effective full-body workout exercising each major muscle group. Plus, you get to take in crisp, clear winter air and stunning snowscapes as you practice your stride on skinny skis.

Classic or skating: The 3-day Achensee cross-country skiing camps from 12 to 14 January (for CLASSIC SKIERS) and 19 to 21 January (for SKATERS) cater to all ability levels, whether you are a beginner or looking to return to Nordic skiing after you have taken a break. Our expert ski instructors teach participants the fundamental skills of Nordic skiing and share plenty of tips on waxing, equipment, technique, and nutrition. And of course, there is ample opportunity to enjoy some convivial and relaxing down-time in the evenings or when stopping over at a mountain hut.

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