Braving the ice-cold water!

Achensee New Year’s Eve swim

Looking for an ice-cold challenge? Plunge into the water (which is about 4 degrees Celsius) at near-freezing temperatures from a height of three metres and start racing! Each year on the final day of the year, Lake Achensee plays host to the traditional New Year's eve swim.

In each round, swimmers compete for the best time over a distance of 50 metres. Before they jump into the freezing water, they get a bucket of cold water poured on their heads. Then it’s off into to the chilly water of Lake Achensee, where the participants swim 25 metres, climb the inflatable iceberg, ring the bell and swim back to the shore. 

The New Year's Eve swim is also a fun competition that sees many creative swimmers take the plunge dressed in weird and fancy outfits. The best costumes receive much applause and cheers and win great material prizes. Each year, the event draws many spectators to the lake promenade in Pertisau. The New Year's Eve swim is organised by the diving club Blackdivers Tirol.

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