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Angling and fly-fishing at Lake Achensee

Lake Achensee is known for its stunning turquoise colours and excellent water quality. But did you know that the natural glacial lake is already 20,000 years old? Today, the lake known as the "Tirolean Sea" is fed subterraneously by the tributaries Ampelsbach and Dürrach and by the Achenkirch springs. The lake’s diverse fish population including perch, rainbow trout, brook trout, whitefish, and pike make it an ideal location for recreational angling and fly-fishing.

The Steinberger Ache offers 12 kilometres of fishing grounds that let fly-fishing enthusiasts soak in the quiet and solitude. Nature lovers find their bliss in the gorge which is home to beautifully marked brown trouts. The Rissbach at Ahornboden in Hinteriss offers 35 kilometres of unspoilt stream with an excellent and self-sustaining brown trout population. One of the last wild rivers in Tirol, the Rissbach enjoys a spectacular setting backdropped by the Nature Park Karwendel and is perfect to connect with nature.

Home to a wide variety of fish species, Lake Achensee is a great destination for fishing enthusiasts.
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