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Explore the underwater worlds of Lake Achensee!

Diving in Lake Achensee

Have you ever wondered what’s at the bottom of Tirol’s largest lake? Suit up and dive in! Lake Achensee has drinking water quality and on some days underwater visibility is up to ten metres, making it a popular spot for recreational diving. The three most popular diving spots are in the eastern part of the lake: Hechenberg (advanced dive site), Schwarzenau (suitable for beginners) and the dive site of the Diving Club Innsbruck north of the tunnel in the direction of Achenkirch.

Divers can go sightseeing close to the lakeshore, where all kinds of curiosities can be spotted under water. From a statue of the Madonna and an old Opel Blitz, also called "Dodge" by divers, which sunk under mysterious circumstances, sunken boats and old VW Beetles. The Diving Club Innsbruck has created a very impressive diver's paradise. The individual attractions are connected underwater with a rope and are located at different depths. In addition to a cable car gondola, a telephone booth and a letterbox, there is even a treasure chest to explore.

The diving club 1. Tiroler Tauchsport-Club Innsbruck, which was founded in 1962, has created a little diver’s paradise. Access to the TCI parkour is easy, it lies below the tunnel of the B181 federal road between Maurach and Achenkirch. From a cable car gondola to a telephone booth to a treasure chest: What you can discover on this dive is most remarkable.

This diving spot is located near the campsite Schwarzenau and very popular among beginners. After a shallow access, you dive to a depth of 5 metres. Keep to the left until you come to the curious objects that have sunken here, for example, a wooden toilet.

This shallow dive, which is also suitable for beginners, lets you explore three VW Beetle wrecks. The diving spot is accessible from the parking lot via a flat footpath. Most divers bring collapsible trolleys to haul their equipment to the lake.

This dive site equires advanced diving skills and is located before the ascent to Hechenberg. Here too, at a depth of ca. 18 metres, still waters run deep and offer an unparalleled underwater sightseeing experience. Discover imposing steep faces, a statue of the Madonna and an old Opel "Blitz" which sunk under mysterious circumstances.

Lake Achensee is Tirol's biggest and deepest lake and a very popular diving spot.
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