See traditional craftspeople at work!

Achentaler Kirchtag at the history museum Sixenhof

Have you ever wondered how “Original Tirolean Doggeln” are made? And what are “Doggln” anyway? Felt slippers. Every year, the history museum Sixenhof, a original single farmhouse, plays host to the Achentaler Kirchtag. Visitors to this traditional village festival can watch craftspeople at work and see how old Tirolean crafts are kept alive.

Of course, no cultural event in Tirol would be complete without music and culinary delights! At the Achentaler Kirchtag, visitors can enjoy a range of traditional regional delicacies made in the old open-fire kitchen, such as "Gruassi Nudln" - delicious Tirolean deep fried pastries. There will also be entertainment for children, such as wood sawing and a play area. The Kirchtag will be held in any weather. Admission is free (the Sixenhof and the craftspeople are happy to receive voluntary donations).

We hope you enjoyed the event.

This year the Förderverein Heimatmuseum Achental (friends of the Sixenhof museum) will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on 1 September.
Check back on this website later for the details.

The old open-fire kitchen at the museum Sixenhof of local history in Achenkirch am Achensee.
History museum Sixenhof

Step back to days gone by at the museum in Achenkirch and see how our ancestors used to live and work!

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