Horse Sleigh Rides at Lake Achensee

Horse Sleigh Rides at Lake Achensee

Romantische Pferdeschlittenfahrt am Achensee

Snow-covered forests, wide winter hiking trails, snowflakes whirling through the air and glistening in the sun – what better way to spend a bright sunny winter day at Lake Achensee than enjoying a horse-drawn sleigh ride?

The horses maintain a steady rhythm and the sleigh glides on, swiftly and silently. Cuddle up beneath blankets in the sleigh as you journey through the snow-covered Karwendel valleys – in brilliant sunshine during the day or under the glistening starry sky at night. At Lake Achensee, there are several providers of horse sleigh rides. Every provider chooses their own tour and, like in times long past, chauffeurs the guests through the wintry landscape. In Pertisau, for example, tours lead into the Karwendel valleys, in Maurach through the village and in Achenkirch to the Oberautal or through the village. The atmosphere on the sleigh is an individual experience: a romantic excursion for couples, a fun ride to a mountain hut for groups, and a memorable experience for families with children. There are also trips in the evening, and if you are too cold during the tour, the coachman will be happy to serve you a warming liquor.

Tip: The Posthotel in Achenkirch offers sleigh rides drawn by Lipizzaner horses for those who are looking for a classy experience. Located north of Lake Achensee, the hotel is the biggest private breeder of Lipizzaner horses, the oldest cultural horse breed in Europe. A sleigh ride lets visitors experience the noble, powerful and elegant horses up close. Before the sleigh ride, you can start the sunny winter day with a warming breakfast in one of the cafés and restaurants at the lake. If you are looking for romantic experience, you can wait until it gets dark and enjoy the view of the starry sky from the sleigh, cuddled up beneath furs and blankets and warming up with a punch from the thermos flask.

For reservations, please contact the experience providers in the Achensee holiday region directly.