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Hiking with the seasons

Are you wondering when is the best season for hiking? Each season has its unique charm. Spring, for example, is ideal for long walks, especially at lower altitudes where the temperatures are pleasant. The contrasting white peaks are a feast for the eyes. We recommend that you choose routes where you can walk in the sun, as it can still be quite chilly in the shade.

Mountain hikes are only recommended for experienced hikers. Whatever level of difficulty you choose, good planning, the proper equipment and the right footwear are essential to guarantee a safe, enjoyable time out in our beautiful nature.

Tips for spring hikes

From the large choice of summer walks, we have selected a few that are ideal for this time of year. However, there are many other routes available, and we encourage you to find one that suits your preferences.

Mountain huts & inns
Fancy a stopover on your hiking tour? Check out which mountain huts are open. Enjoy your meal!