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Snowshoeing at Lake Achensee

Snowshoeing is becoming increasingly popular. Which is no surprise: It’s an activity that allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, far away from the noise and bustle. The best starting points for impressive snowshoe hikes at Lake Achensee are the idyllic village of Steinberg am Rofan, the village of Achenkirch and the Karwendel valleys in Pertisau. 

Follow trails deep into the magical winter landscape on a self-guided tour or join a guided snowshoe walk. The expert guides know the terrain inside out and share local knowledge and stories about the area. And they also know where to see the most common alpine animals – ibexes, chamois, ptarmigans, and golden eagles circling majestically overhead in the cold winter air.

Interactive tour planner

Plan your individual snowshoeing adventure with our interactive tour planner. Filter by difficulty, elevation gain and activity to find tours to suit all abilities.

Snowshoe hiking
Elevation Gain
40 - 154 hm
154 - 268 hm
268 - 382 hm
382 - 496 hm
496 - 610 hm
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Achenkirch - Geopfad Obere Ampelsbach- und Filzmoosbach Schlucht - Gufferthütte - Achenkirch

Starting Point: Achenkirch, car park Köglboden

The geological trail begins at the car park Köglboden in Achenkirch and ends at the Gufferthütte…

walking time
05:30 h
15.2 km
elevation gain
490 hm

Snowshoe hike path of reflection trail

Starting Point: Pertisau, car park Besinnungsweg

From the Seehotel St. Hubertus (car park ca. 200 metres away), the trail climbs gradually past the…

walking time
01:45 h
3.8 km
elevation gain
200 hm
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Achensee snowshoeing camp

The course is designed for snowshoers who want to develop the skills for safe travel in open terrain.

Achensee Winter Hiking Programme

If you enjoy hiking in groups and appreciate the knowledge imparted by local guides, join our guided winter walks. Our nature park rangers conduct a series of tours where they share interesting information about the local flora and fauna.


Snowshoe hike for beginners

from € 33,00

Achensee Snowshoeing Camp

from € 375,00

Snowshoe hike all day

from € 49,00

Avalanche educational trail & transceiver checkpoints

Safety is the top priority when heading into the backcountry. The Achensee region has installed five avalanche transceiver checkpoints at various ski tour starting points: at the car park Falkenmoos in Achenkirch, at the entrance of the Unterautal valley in Achenkirch, at the car park Achenseehof, at the car park Hubertus and at the start of the ORTOVOX avalanche educational trail Rofan. Located in the Rofan mountains at an elevation of 1,800 metres, the educational trail features seven interpretive panels explaining potential hazards in avalanche-prone terrain and how to stay safe in the mountains. 

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