Breathtaking views from the Gschöllkopf!

Adlerhorst viewing platform

Stepping from the mountain station of the Rofan cable car or while enjoying delicious snacks at the Erfurter Hütte, you can’t miss it: The Gschöllkopf, an imposing mountain which stands 2,039 metres tall and whose shape resembles the Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil. The short trail climbs on steep and rocky terrain, and at the summit visitors will be rewarded with spectacular vistas. Perched atop the summit is the “Adlerhorst” (eagle’s nest), a huge metal stick nest that looks like an eyrie and affords stunning views of Lake Achensee, the Karwendel mountains, the Zillertal Alps, the Hohe Tauern and the lower Inntal valley. It’s so incredibly beautiful that you almost want to swoop into the air like an eagle. Visiting the Adlerhorst lookout point is a must-do experience when you travel to the Achensee region. 

Resembling an eagle's nest, the viewing platform on the Gschöllkopf mountain affords breathtaking views of the Achensee region.
Adlerhorst viewing platform

Experience unforgettable moments and enjoy stunning views of the Nature Park Karwendel.

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