Stanser Joch, 2,102 m

Important Infomation

Route Time Total
04:30 h
Route Length
7.5 km
Elevation Gain
1150 hm

Elevation Profile


Overall character: Long tour through remote terrain, be prepared to break the trail 

Ascent: The tour leads over the forest road from the district Lärchenwiese in Maurach through the Weissenbachtal in a south-westerly direction, past the Weissenbachhütte (1,550m) and to the Weissenbachalm (1,607m). The route follows the steep cirque to a wind gap, then climbs to the left to the large ridge between Stanser Joch and Ochsenkopf and from there to the left in an easterly direction to the Stanser Joch. 

Descent: Alongside the ascent route