Important Infomation

Route Length
52 km
Elevation Gain
2281 hm
Highest Point
1903 hm
Elevation Loss
2110 hm
Route Time Total
10:00 h
Starting Point: 967
End Point: Pertisau, Fischergut

Elevation Profile


The route of Karwendelmarsch starts at Scharnitz (964m) and leads on the following points:

the Schafstallboden (1.173m), 9,58km

the Karwendelhaus (1.771m), 18,19km

the Kleiner Ahornboden (1.399m), 24,23km

the Falkenhütte (1.848m), 30,23km

the Eng (1.227m) – 35km Finish, 

the Binsalm (1.502m), 38,37km

the Gramai Hochleger (1.756m), 41,52km

the Gramai Alm (1.263m), 44, 50km and

the Falzturn Alm (1.098m), 48,18km

to Pertisau am Achensee (932m) – 52km Finish