Built around 1700 on the outer part of Wiesing, the chapel is considered a place of strength and one of the most idyllic chapel sites in the Tirolean Unterland. For almost 300 years, the image of the Virgin Mary with her dead son Jesus was the centrepiece of the chapel. Today, there is a copy of it on the altar. The original picture is now in the rectory in Münster. It is carried from the Hoferkapelle to the parish church on the 13th of every month from May to October inclusive as part of the so-called Fatima pilgrimages under the motto "With Mary on the way to God". One of the most striking features of the chapel is the ceiling fresco, which was only uncovered and restored during the 1981/82 renovation. 

The idyllic Grünangerl Chapel is the last stop on two Stations of the Cross. From Wiesing, several small Stations of the Cross are attached to the trees, and from Münster, stations with sophisticated texts and images by artist Hartwig Unterberger lead to the chapel.