Eagle Walk Stage O8: Kalser Tauernhaus - Stüdlhütte

Important Infomation

Route Length
14 km
Elevation Gain
1440 hm
Highest Point
2802 hm
Elevation Loss
400 hm
Route Time Total
06:30 h
Starting Point: Kalser Tauernhaus
End Point: Stüdlhütte

Elevation Profile


trail description: From Kalser Tauernhaus Lodge the Eagle Walk heads southward across lovely Dorfertal Valley, gently down on a broad Alpine path towards Moaalm Alpine Pasture Hut. On your way, you’ll pass the Alpine pastures of Kals named Rumesoi and Schönebene. Beyond Bergeralm, Trail No. 40 branches off to the left, climbing steeply up to Moaalm Alpine Pasture Hut (elev. 1,793m) high above Kals on a demanding trail (dubbed “the stairs”) that requires sure footedness. From there, walk down Moaalm road to the bridge  crossing Teischnitzbach Brook, where you will find a sign at a gap in a fence  leading into Teischnitztal. This pristine and remote valley is a wilderness area of awesome natural beauty. The route follows an Alpine path that climbs the right side of the valley through groves of larches. There’s an optional trail that takes a shortcut across that loop. It's steeper, but it's shorter, crossing the Alpine path several times on its way up. At Mauriger Trog (elev. 2,101m) the trail crosses a narrow, 800-metre long rocky ravine (elev. 2,075m). At the entrance to the high valley trough of Teischnitz Plateau, follow signage to Stüdl Hut at the bridge. The trail drops down to the right, descending steep mountain slopes.

A short way down, roaring Teischnitzbach Creek and the towering seracs of Teischnitzkees Glacier can be seen glinting through the trees. You’ll have to tackle steep tussock slopes, gullies and chutes before nearing Stüdl Hut from the south. The final stretch becomes increasingly rock-laden, slowing your pace as you clamber up and around scree and talus slopes and large boulders. At an elevation of 2,802 metres, Stüdl Hut sits in a rugged bowl of jumbled talus heaps under the reign of majestic Großglockner Mountain and you’ll get a superb panorama of nearly every glacier and peak in the area.