Eagle Walk Stage 22: Memminger Hütte - Ansbacher Hütte

Important Infomation

Route Length
10 km
Elevation Gain
1040 hm
Highest Point
2625 hm
Elevation Loss
900 hm
Route Time Total
06:00 h
Starting Point: Memminger Hütte
End Point: Ansbacher Hütte

Elevation Profile


​trail description: Make your way down from Memminger Hut on a narrow, loamy and in wet conditions slippery singletrack trail, which directly and steeply descends across tussock slopes and heads towards Parseiertal Valley. Thereafter, the path traverses tussock slopes several times across gorges and then further descends southwards into Parseiertal Valley ; the lower section is assisted by a fixed anchoring system of cables. The first section mostly runs across sloping terrain. On the other side of the valley, a perfectly defined singletrack trail begins a gradual ascent through a grove before ascending more steeply across meadows. Thereafter, you get to Langkar Cirque. On the right side of the cirque (in late summer next to the snowfield), a well-defined singletrack trail (with hardly any rubble) gradually ascends. Later, the trail steepens and bears left. Finally, climb up across a kind of chimney with fixed cables up to Grießlscharte Notch. This section running on earthy soil is vigorously steep and can be slippery in wet conditions. A short descent is followed by a short and steep counter-ascent up and over to Winterjoch Saddle. Just below Winterjoch Saddle, Augsburger High Trail branches off. The Eagle Walk, however, descends for a short distance over scree slopes from Winterjoch Saddle. It passes behind Stierkopf Mountain, and resumes its climb up to Kopfscharte Notch across rugged terrain. From the notch, the path traverses tussock slopes and finally heads southward to Ansbacher Hut with easy ups and downs. At an elevation of 2,376 metres, Ansbacher Hut is a wonderful lookout situated on the southeast flank of Samspitze Spire.