Church and chapel path - trail option 1: parish church Wiesing - Bühelkreuz

Important Infomation

Route Length
2.5 km
Elevation Gain
110 hm
Highest Point
680 hm
Elevation Loss
110 hm
Time Uphill
00:45 h
Time Downhill
00:30 h
Route Time Total
01:15 h
Starting Point: Wiesing, parish church
End Point: Wiesing, parish church

Elevation Profile


From the parish church Wiesing, walk up the village street to the primary school. After the kindergarten, turn left onto the Leitenweg in the direction of Jenbach. At the first sitting bench, turn right and follow the trail as it climbs to the Mandlbödele by way of switchbacks. Continue along the ridge until you arrive at the ski lift pillar at the Bühelkreuz.