Achenkirch - Geopfad Obere Ampelsbach- und Filzmoosbach Schlucht - Gufferthütte - Achenkirch

Important Infomation

Route Length
15.2 km
Elevation Gain
490 hm
Highest Point
1475 hm
Elevation Loss
490 hm
Time Uphill
03:00 h
Time Downhill
02:30 h
Route Time Total
05:30 h
Starting Point: Achenkirch, car park Köglboden
End Point: Achenkirch, car park Köglboden

Elevation Profile


The geological trail begins at the car park Köglboden in Achenkirch and ends at the Gufferthütte mountain hut (not serviced in winter). This themed trail leads through the Obere Ampelsbach/Filzmoosbach gorge with 11 interpretive panels telling the long and exciting history of the Alps. See rock layers that were deposited on the North African continental shelf over a period of about 110 million years in the Mesozoic area with its periods Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. The rock formations on this “excursion through millions of years of geological history” correspond to a stratigraphic table. The return is via the same route.

Notice: Walking time varies depending on snow conditions.