Rip down the slopes on a ski bike!

Snow biking at Lake Achensee

Snow biking or ski biking is a fun sport that combines the thrill of skiing with the ease of mountain biking. It’s easy to pick up and learn, and the comfortable riding position makes the whole thing feel very safe. Within a few runs, you will master the basics and get going on the slopes with a good degree of confidence. At least that’s what confirmed winter sports enthusiasts say, convinced that snow biking is easier than skiing and therefore an exhilarating winter activity for all ages and abilities.

A snow bike is similar to a bicycle but has skis instead of tires, and you wear mini ski blades under your feet to help. Carve your way down the mountain and get back to the top right away to repeat the thrill of the ride. Because once you’ve tried snow biking in your winter holidays, you just can’t get enough of the excitement!

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