Winter at Lake Achensee is full of adventures!

Snow biking & moon biking at Lake Achensee

Looking to combine the thrill of skiing with the ease of mountain biking? Snow biking and moon biking are perfect for those who are looking for adrenaline-fueled winter activities. Within a few runs, you will master the basics and get going on the slopes with a good degree of confidence. In this article, we explain the two fun sports.

Snow biking: Mountain biking in winter

A snowbike is similar to a bicycle but has skis instead of tires, and you wear mini ski blades under your feet to help. Carve your way down the mountain and get back to the top right away to repeat the thrill of the ride. Because once you’ve tried snow biking, you just can’t get enough of the excitement! An exhilarating activity for all ages and abilities!

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Sport Wörndle
open today

Sport Wörndle

Dorfstraße 26
6212 Maurach am Achensee
🗴 +43 (5243) 6107
opens on Mon 10.04.2023 at 09:00 o'clock

Moon biking: Powered by electric motor

This winter, the Achensee region's first ever moonbike snowpark is set to open. Moonbikes are electric tracked vehicles featuring an eco-friendly motor under the seat. The front ski lets you steer the moonbike easily through the snow. Enjoy pure riding fun in Achenkirch and laugh the day away with friends and family!

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The Achensee region is perfect for skiers who want to experience winter at a leisurely pace. The region’s ski areas are small-scale, relaxed and versatile. View our daily updated snow report for information on open ski lifts and terrain, opening times for winter operations, difficulty levels of ski slopes and more.

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