Take the time to pause in nature!

Lake Achensee path of reflection

Open your eyes to the wonders of creation, the flowers and the trees, the deep blue lake. Open your ears and listen to the song of the birds, the voice of the forest - and the voice in your own heart.

The path of reflection "Besinnungs-Dien-Mut-Weg St. Notburga" is a self-guided walk from Pertisau to Maurach. Along the route 18 stations provide meditative thoughts that let you discover and embrace your inner self while you connect with nature. The 3.8-kilometre path is dedicated to Tirol’s only female saint, St. Notburga, who lived in the 13th century and was committed to helping the poor and sick.

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Pertisau - Besinnungs-Dien-Mut-Weg St. Notburga (path of reflection) - Rodlhütte - Pertisau

Starting Point: Pertisau, car park Besinnungsweg

From the Seehotel St. Hubertus, the trail climbs gradually past the 18 stations of the…

walking time
01:30 h
3.8 km
elevation gain
230 hm
The museum displays the oldest documents of the veneration of St. Notburga, precious paintings and sculptures, and baroque art exhibits.
Notburga Museum

Following in the footsteps of Tirol's only female saint!

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