Code of conduct for cyclists and tips for choosing routes!

Tips for staying safe while biking

Safety is the top priority for any outdoor activity, whether you go hiking, climbing, or cycling. To ensure the safety of everyone on shared-use paths, there are several rules of conduct.

The mountain bike routes in the Achensee region are marked according to the uniform waymarking standard of the province of Tirol. A distinction is made between blue, red and black routes according to the tried and tested classification of ski slopes.

  • Blue route - easy: Family-friendly cycling route, also suitable for normal bicycles, with good road surface (fine gravel or asphalt and comparable surfaces).
  • Red route - moderately difficult: Requires advanced cycling skills and particularly defensive cycling behaviour. Mountain bike equipment is recommended. Expect difficult sections and blind curves.
  • Black route - difficult: Demanding MTB route with many dangerous sections which exceed the maximum gradient of the red route and whose route characteristics are even more difficult. MTB equipment is mandatory. Anticipatory riding adapted to the situation is required.
  • Single trails: Single trails have their own difficulty rating. Click here to learn more about single trails.
  • Always be in complete control of your speed and leave enough clear distance in front of you to be able to come to a stop, especially on bends, as obstacles can be expected at any time (e.g. rocks, branches, temporarily stored wood, grazing livestock, cattle grids, barriers, tractors, forestry equipment and machinery, vehicles of authorised persons)!
  • Be considerate of hikers and pedestrians and only overtake them at walking pace!
  • Take into account the difficulty of the route and accurately assess your experience and skills as a biker! Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment (brakes, bells, lights) before every bike tour!
  • Respect barriers and accept that forest roads are primarily used for agricultural and forestry purposes! Close the pasture gates!
  • Be respectful of nature and wildlife, do not leave the marked route, refrain from leaving the designated paths, and finish your bike tour before dusk. Do not litter! Click here to learn more about exploring with etiquette.
  • Improve your skills! Learn the correct body position for descending and corners and how to go downhill without overusing the brakes. Tip: Book a tour with a local MTB guide and learn the proper technique.
  • Attention! Ride at your own risk, only at a controlled speed and leave enough clear distance in front of you to be able to come to a stop. The conditions of the trail are not checked!
  • Be considerate of hikers, grazing cattle and game. Do not leave the designated trails and close the pasture gates!
  • Watch out for alpine dangers!
  • Leave no trace! Shortcuts and blocked rear wheels damage the trails.

In case of an emergency

  • Emergency numbers: 144 (ambulance), 140 (emergency number for alpine accidents in Austria), 112 (European emergency number)
  • Emergency app „SOS EU Alp“: This app shares your GPS coordinates with local emergency response teams, reducing the time between alert and rescue considerably. The app is a valuable addition to the official alpine emergency number 140.

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