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Summer stories with Emperor Maximilian I

Both, the Lake Achensee Shipping and the Lake Achensee Railway, were founded at the instigation of the landowner, Georgenberg-Fiecht Abbey, at the end of the 19th century.By doing so, people wanted to profit from the emerging summer resort tourism and distribute the holiday guests from the Inn valley over the entire Achen Valley. It has stayed this way until today, even if the two means of transport are nostalgic alternatives to private transport. In Seespitz, water and steam meet. Here you can comfortably change between Lake Achensee Railway and Shipping.

The Lake Achensee Railway

Since 1889, the Lake Achensee Railway has fulfilled what it was instructed to do in the concession document by Emperor Franz Joseph I.: The steam rack railway covers almost seven kilometres from Jenbach station to the Seespitz in a leisurely 50 minutes. Enough time for the passengers to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the nostalgic railway romance. There are special highlights for railway enthusiasts: Open wagons with platforms operate in summer. The saloon carriage from 1886 is in operation on special trips all year round. And the conductor visits you - just as in the days of the railway's beginnings - via a footboard running around the outside of the train.

Lake Achensee Shipping

Shipping at Lake Achensee has a long tradition. Already in the 16th century, Archduke Ferdinand II had Italian racing boats built for his festivities at Lake Achensee. Even if you can no longer glide over the waves on Venetian boats today, a trip on Tyrol's only navigable lake remains an unforgettable pleasure. The spectacular interplay of the elements of water and mountains can be felt up close on the three Lake Achensee ships. Six moorings are spread across the entire shore of Lake Achensee and invite you to explore the beauties of the Achen Valley on a shore excursion.

A trip with the nostalgic Lake Achensee Railway or one of the three Lake Achensee ships should be part of every holiday at Lake Achensee! More information about operating hours and tickets can be found here.

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