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Paragliding in summer at Lake Achensee

For many years, paragliding was rightly considered a sport for adventure seekers. However, advances in equipment and flying technique in recent years have made the sport safer, and today paragliding attracts bigger audiences. Which is not surprising: The thrill of losing the solid ground under your feet and gliding leisurely through the air is just incredible.

Flying sites at Lake Achensee are very thermally active, attracting individual extreme athletes, flying schools and providers of tandem flights alike. Situated at an elevation of ca. 1,500 metres near the top station of the Karwendel cable car, the launch site in the Karwendel in Pertisau is a popular site for hang-gliding, especially for beginners. In the Rofan mountains, paragliding is more challenging. Pilots ride to the top in the Rofan cable car, and from the nearby Mauritzalm it’s off to an action-packed adventure: Get your paraglider ready and take off – and enjoy the thrill of free flying.

A paragliding adventure lets you enjoy incredible views of the lake and the mountains.
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