From the Andes to Lake Achensee!

Alpaca walks at Lake Achensee

Big round eyes peering curiously out from under tousled, velvety fur and a gentle and calm personality that emanates all the peace in the world - who could not be delighted by alpacas? Liesa probably thought so too, and now she keeps eleven "Achensee Alpacas" on her farm in Achenkirch and offers guided alpaca walks in the region.

Walking companions for the whole family

Last summer, Liesa began to offer guided walks with the Achensee alpacas. The idea of breeding alpacas was born out of family interest. “On the one hand, my husband and I had the space on our farm and on the other, we wanted to keep animals for our children. Rather quickly we decided on alpacas. We immediately liked their calm and gentle personality and of course their big round eyes,” Liesa explains. After the alpacas were halter trained and more and more visitors got interested, the family decided to offer alpaca walking. "We do a maximum of two walks per day in small groups. Our animals are very well accustomed to children, which makes them the perfect walking companions for the whole family," says Liesa.

Before the walk, groups meet in the stable for a brief introduction and to get to know each other. Then it's time to set off: We walk the alpacas in single file along a panoramic path which mostly leads through forest. The alpacas decide according to rank which one leads the group, and which one goes last. In other words, the leader of the herd goes first together with his human companion. During the walk, there is ample time to explore the surroundings alongside your woolly new friend. Liesa will also answer any questions you may have about the keeping, care and character of the animals.

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Achensee Alpaka

Achenseestraße 164
6215 Achenkirch am Achensee
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Individuelle Öffnungszeiten und geführte Alpaka Wanderungen nach telefonischer Vereinbarung. An Sonn- und Feiertagen geschlossen. 

A small herd of alpacas snuggles up in the hay in the Achensee region.
Alpacas at Lake Achensee

From the Andes to Lake Achensee: Exploring the region with alpacas is a memorable experience for the whole family!

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