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Achensee Museum World

Originally designed as a home for old tractors, the museum today also collects and conserves a wide range of regional cultural heritage objects. The idea of a single museum turned into a whole museum world sprawling over 8000m², showcasing the “Traktoreum” with 80 vintage tractors and many objects related to local traditions and the daily life of people in the Achental’s past.

Another part of the exhibition area is dedicated to associations which play a major role in the Achensee region, such as the volunteer fire brigade and the mountain rescue service. Other significant exhibits are the historical Achensee train and the stern of a 120-year-old Achensee steamer. The carpentry workshop shows traditional woodworking techniques. In addition to a Christmas crib exhibition, the Achensee Museum Experience World also hosts a doll workshop where you can admire 500 handmade dolls.

A wonderland for children at at the Achensee Museum World in Maurach am Achensee.
Achensee Museum World

Discover the diverse experience worlds of the museum and step back to days gone by!

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Achensee Museum World
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