Roller skiing at Lake Achensee

Roller skiing at Lake Achensee

Skirollern am Achensee © Langlaufschule Achensee

Roller skiing is the perfect introduction to Nordic skiing and a fantastic summer training for any endurance-based sport. As in cross-country skiing, you can learn two techniques – classic and skating. The trend sport is especially popular among advanced cross-country skiers, but also more and more recreational athletes looking for something novel engage in this activity.

Originally designed for competitive skiers, roller skis emulate the movements of cross-country skiing. Athletes can use roller skis for summer training without having to adjust their training routine in the snow in winter. It’s no surprise that meanwhile roller skiing grew into a popular recreational activity. Like Nordic skiing, it is a very effective full-body workout exercising each major muscle group. Under professional guidance, roller skiing is also a great exercise training in prevention and rehabilitation. In addition, roller skiing has become a competitive sport in its own right.

The diverse network of trails makes the Achensee region a popular choice for both roller skiing beginners and more experienced skiers. The trails are relatively level with no steep sections, minimizing the risk of injury as you move along at moderate speed. Flat and expansive sections along the lakeshore are most suitable for beginners. The Karwendel valleys with their undulating terrain provide great training options for advanced athletes to prepare for cross-country skiing in the Achensee holiday region which boasts 210 kilometres of tracks, making it one of Tirol’s most significant Nordic skiing regions.

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Skirollern am Achensee-8 © Langlaufschule Achensee
Skirollern am Achensee-3 © Langlaufschule Achensee
Skirollern am Achensee-12 © Langlaufschule Achensee
Skirollern am Achensee-1 © Langlaufschule Achensee