Pertisau - oberer Seebergsteig - Pletzachalm - unterer Seebergsteig - Pertisau

Important Infomation

Route Length
8.4 km
Elevation Gain
110 hm
Highest Point
1040 hm
Elevation Loss
110 hm
Time Uphill
01:25 h
Time Downhill
01:19 h
Route Time Total
02:45 h
Starting Point: Pertisau, behind the bathing beach Pertisau
End Point: Pertisau,bathing beach
Route Type: Roundtrip

Elevation Profile


Behind the bathing beach Pertisau, the trail turns left towards the toll station of the Karwendel valleys and the Pletzachalm. After a short walk, you’ll come to a junction. Follow the trail towards Hochried, Ebnerblick. After a few switchbacks, continue along the trail to the Pletzachalm. This trail, the upper Seebergsteig, travels high above Pertisau through a beautiful forest and takes you close to the first buildings of the Pletzachalm (1,040 metres). To return, retrace your steps to the first junction and then take the lower Seebergsteig trail to return to the starting point.