ORTOVOX avalanche educational trail

Important Infomation

Route Length
2 km
Highest Point
2050 hm
Elevation Gain
200 hm

Elevation Profile


Stay safe in the winter and prepare yourself with knowledge that can save your life: The ORTOVOX avalanche educational trail, which is situated in the Rofan mountains in Maurach at an elevation of 1,800 metres, informs ski tourers and snowshoers how to stay safe in the mountains. At a length of two kilometres, seven interpretive panels explain potential hazards in avalanche-prone terrain: what kind of weather increases the risk of avalanches, what safety gear is essential, and what to do when an avalanche occurs. The avalanche educational trail, which was created in cooperation with the sports outfitter ORTOVOX, also includes safety rules for ascending and descending in deep snow.

Overall character: Practice tour for skiers and snowshoers

Ascent: From the mountain station, head over the slope to the Mauritzalm. The Ortovox avalanche educational trail starts close to the slope at the avalanche beacon checkpoint. Seven interpretive panels provide skiers with life-saving know-how, such as the proper behaviour in open terrain and how to use avalanche safety gear. 

Descent: Alongside the ascent route