Maurach - Prälatenhaus - Buchau - Maurach

Important Infomation

Route Length
6 km
Elevation Gain
55 hm
Highest Point
980 hm
Elevation Loss
55 hm
Route Time Total
01:30 h
Starting Point: Maurach, Dorfzentrum
End Point: Maurach, Dorfzentrum
Route Type: Roundtrip

Elevation Profile


From the valley station of the Rofan cable car, follow the road to the roundabout in the village centre. Take the second exit and walk past the car park of Café Klingler. Continue along the footway towards Lake Achensee. Once you have arrived at the lake, keep right. Walk past the Atoll Achensee and the pier Buchau until you reach the Prälatenhaus and the lakeshore road. Turn left, and after walking through the underpass of the Achensee main road, you arrive at the district Buchau and the Familienresort Buchau. Continue along the pavement until you reach the underpass of the Achensee main road. Eventually, the village road takes you back to the village centre and the car park of the Rofan cable car.